If you don’t read anything else today, treat yourself to the latest blog post from Science Fiction and Fantasy author Larry Correia. Larry’s the author of several popular works, including the Monster Hunter series, of which I’m a fan.

He’s also notorious for periodically posting no-holds barred, brutally honest (and brutally worded) political rants. This epic takedown of the clown-show dumpster fire that the Biden administration has become is no exception. It’s a feast for anyone hungry for candid talk about where we are in the United States today, so tuck in.

(Warning to anyone who may be squeamish about deleted expletives: you may want to brace yourself.)

“Remember before the election when people like me were getting “fact checked” and kicked off of social media for talking about The Big Guy’s many scandals, and his crack head son doing some mind bogglingly corrupt and evil shit? Yet now it is admitted that all that stuff did actually happen. Oh media, I sure hope covering for these shitheads was worth burning the last of your credibility, to the point that Joe Rogan is now eating your fucking lunch.”