The New Intellectuals must assume the task of building a new culture on a new moral foundation - Ayn Rand

Month: January 2022

Classic Correia

If you don’t read anything else today, treat yourself to the latest blog post from Science Fiction and Fantasy author Larry Correia. Larry’s the author of several popular works, including the Monster Hunter series, of which I’m a fan.

He’s also notorious for periodically posting no-holds barred, brutally honest (and brutally worded) political rants. This epic takedown of the clown-show dumpster fire that the Biden administration has become is no exception. It’s a feast for anyone hungry for candid talk about where we are in the United States today, so tuck in.

(Warning to anyone who may be squeamish about deleted expletives: you may want to brace yourself.)

“Remember before the election when people like me were getting “fact checked” and kicked off of social media for talking about The Big Guy’s many scandals, and his crack head son doing some mind bogglingly corrupt and evil shit? Yet now it is admitted that all that stuff did actually happen. Oh media, I sure hope covering for these shitheads was worth burning the last of your credibility, to the point that Joe Rogan is now eating your fucking lunch.”

Keep Your Blood Money

The SCOTUS ruling against vaccine mandates for large, private companies was marred by its unfortunate decision to allow it for health care workers at facilities that receive Medicaid and Medicare funding.

Supreme Court blocks Biden vaccine mandate for private firms, allows mandate for healthcare workers

There is, however, a potential and indirect upside to that despicably corrupt part of the ruling. The blowback may create a strong moral and financial incentive for the spread of health care facilities that openly refuse any form of federal funding. Certainly they would have a ready and willing pool of employees, given the refusal of so many doctors and nurses to comply with the mandates. And I can’t think of anything better for the long-term health of the health-care industry than that.

Heart of a Child

Eric Clapton has released a heartbreaking new music video about the devastating harm done, especially to children, by the lockdowns.

This is what a counter-culture revolution against the “new normal” of ascendant fascism looks like. Creators with honesty and integrity sprouting like new growth in today’s cultural wasteland, to make art to inspire resistance to the brainleashing of mankind.

The philistines of the conservative establishment must learn that art is a major lever of cultural change, and start supporting good people who make it. The world needs actors and filmmakers and musicians and novelists, to inspire a spiritual renaissance against the soulless oppression that we face today.