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The Establishment Cabal’s Crimes Against America

The article cited below is the most important opinion piece of the year. I strongly urge you to read it in its entirety.

“It’s time to admit it. Less than a year in, Joe Biden’s is a failed presidency. Biden knows it, the press knows it, and voters know it. And our foreign adversaries like China and Russia know it.

It’s also time to look at the “cabal” of business, labor and political leaders who foisted the Biden administration on us.

The ‘Cabal’ that bragged of foisting Joe Biden on us must answer for his failed presidency – Glenn H. Reynolds, New York Post Opinion Page, December 9, 2021

The reason this article is so important is that it states, forcefully, coherently and in a single place, in the open and on the opinion page of America’s oldest newspaper, the most crucial thing that has needed to be said for the last year.

Normally when you get a bad president, voters are to blame… But in saddling America with the Biden administration, the voters got more than a nudge. As Time magazine reporteda “cabal” — Time’s word — of “left-wing activists and business titans” worked to get rid of Trump. It pushed mail-in voting. It moved to block election fraud suits… It employed social media censorship to mute pro-Trump arguments and amplify anti-Trump arguments

The consequences in terms of lost faith in democracy have been severe, but the worst effect is that the winning ticket was never seriously vetted by the media or the campaign process. As a result, we have a president whose mental capacity is openly doubted by much of the nation… In a normal campaign, Biden’s weaknesses would have been obvious…”

[All emphasis added]

Time’s establishment “Cabal” ran a relentless campaign of election interference that included the brutal censorship of facts unflattering to Biden, a firehose of flagrantly dishonest attacks on Trump, and an illegal manipulation of the election process in a number of states. Were the narrow swing-state margins in the close election that resulted decided by this heavy-handed thumb placed on the scale by an “elite” in the political and cultural establishment? It strains credulity to suggest otherwise. If there were ever an example of an election being “rigged by the system,” America in 2020 was it. And none of the more “speculative” allegations of voter fraud are required to grasp that.

These were acts of systemic political and social corruption. But there is another dimension to them that needs to be addressed as well: that they constituted reckless negligence with the future of the nation. It’s become abundantly clear over the last year that the Machiavellian “Cabal” that “fixed” the 2020 election did so while evading clear facts not only about Biden’s lack of fitness, but the falsehood of much of the media slander about Trump. And while that would have been bad enough by itself, the most damning part of their moral treason was that in doing so, they discarded the rational context-keeping required for wise governance — and for clearly emotion-driven motives. ((This applied not only to the American left, but to many on the right, and to some of the country’s often nascent pro-freedom intellectual movements as well. Too many of these thinkers lost their minds to Trump Derangement Syndrome, as exemplified by the philosophical disintegration at the Ayn Rand Institute.)) There is no other reasonable way to explain the visceral and fact-impervious vitriol with which these partisans brandished pitchforks for Donald Trump — who, while meriting certain criticisms, was demonized out of all proportion to his actual shortcomings.

The result, as we have seen over the past year, has been an eye-popping series of predictable policy disasters. The crisis at the border; the Afghanistan fiasco; the collapse of US credibility abroad and the emboldening of our adversaries; a crippled national supply chain; escalating national violence; the raging return of 70s style stagflation; a legislative agenda to increase spending by trillions despite a compromised economy, and to establish federal election tyranny and censorship; a covid policy debacle topped by a vaccine mandate so fascist that it would make Mussolini turn green with envy; and too many other failures to list or to count.

These are not just mistakes. They are the fruit of the establishment Cabal’s reckless and cynical disregard for the consequences of its actions when it put its thumb on the scale to interfere in the 2020 election. It installed into office what it knew (or should have known) was an administration that was both grossly incompetent and malicious. It is responsible for the lives crippled and destroyed as a result, and it must be held to account for it. And everyone who sanctioned and carried water for this disgrace should never be trusted by the American people again.

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